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2014 Pheromone Reviews - The Best Pheromone Perfume and Pheromone Cologne Reviews and Ratings!


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Are you sick of going to bed alone every night? Do you want to bring that spark and excitement back into your current relationship? Have you secretly fantasized about trading in your current partner for a sexier, more compatible model?

Find Love Using Pheromone Perfumes and Pheromone Colognes

Some couples have all the luck. Their chemistry is so electric it can be felt across the room! What's their secret? New research indicates that men and women with higher levels of natural pheromones have more satisfying sexual and romantic relationships. Why let them have all the fun? It's more about good looks and personality. Pheromone colognes and perfumes give you just the edge you need to succeed in business and romance.


If LOVE Is What You're Seeking, Let Our Best Pheromone Colognes and Perfumes Give You the Edge You Need to Succeed. 


The Love Solutions Store has been teaching women how to attract men and men how to attract women since 2004. We pride ourselves in selling quality pheromone products to thousands of satisfied customers for the past 7 years. With us, you don't just a buy a product and cross your fingers. We will actually teach you how pheromones attract and how to use the products successfully. Our sister store, "Love Solutions eBay Store" has a 99.8% positive feedback rating with 1500 positive user reviews.

Each of our top rated pheromone product descriptions begins with a Bottom Line Section that breaks down details such as rating, manufacturer, bottle size, ingredients, scent, pheromone strength and content, summary and price. This information means you can buy with confidence, knowing exactly what you're getting before you ever make a purchase. To view our highest-rated products for both men and women, click below:

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Do Pheromone Colognes and Perfumes Actually Make You More Physically Attractive?  


Obviously, pheromones cannot change they way you look physically but they can increase your confidence and sex appeal. The old saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and the same rings true for sexual attractiveness. These pheromones help influence the perception of those around you. So, in essence, they can make you more physically attractive.

Looking For Love? Find Love By Using Pheromones!

Scientific research has long proven that animals use pheromones to stimulate social behavior such as mating and bonding. Recent research now proves that human beings are no exception to the mystique of pheromones. Though outwardly we may be drawn to beauty or success, pheromones play a major role in the attraction you feel towards others and what they feel toward you.


Could Pheromones Really Be a Secret Weapon for Love and Romance? 


According to a field study done by ABC and 20/20, they just might be. The study involved two sets of male and female twins on speed dates. One twin was given pheromones while the other was given regular cologne or perfume. Neither knew which was which. The conclusion? The twins wearing the pheromones received twice as much attention as those not wearing them! Studies show these results aren't limited to people in their 20s. Pheromones can improve your love life even in your 40s!

WebMD also conducted a pheromone study in 1998 that documented the sexual activity of men. Pheromone users reported more incidents of romantic gestures, affection, casual dating, sexual intercourse and sleeping next to a romantic partner.


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The Love Solutions Store doesn't just provide the tools (pheromones) and leave you hanging to figure it out on your own. We tell you how they work, how to use them and what to expect from each, we also offer you access to a wide variety of dating tips, techniques, and resources. Check them out below:

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Our Buy Pheromones Tips Section ensures you'll get the most out of your shopping experience whether you're a "phero-newbie" or a "phero-pro". We'll tell you the best places to buy pheromones and even help you compare prices. We compare the widest selection of pheromones online so you'll have plenty to choose from.

You'll discover the real facts about pheromones when you read our Pheromone Reviews Guide. We continually review, research and update our list of recommended pheromones so you always have the information you need to buy confidently. Also, we listen to our customers! Your reviews help us determine which pheromones are working best and how to classify and rank them.




Every pheromone product comes with a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. Our LOVE SOLUTIONS STORE (including this store and our sister eBay and Amazon Stores) have thousands of happy customers in over seven years of operation! Our sister LOVE SOLUTIONS EBAY STORE has a 100% feedback score with over 1500 positive user reviews in the same time period.  



According to extensive scientific research, people using synthesized pheromones had more sexual encounters than those who used a placebo. That's a 47% increase in sex when using the pheromones as compared to a 9.5% increase when using a placebo.  


Synthetic pheromone users have experienced longer lasting foreplay, more casual dates, romantic gestures, sexual intercourse and sleeping next to a romantic partner.


It has been long known that pheromones trigger physical responses, including sexual arousal in nearly every species of animal. The idea that humans may also use these chemical signals in the same way is a new and innovative concept.


The perfume industry has made millions on the undeniable power of smell as a kind of aphrodisiac. What if human sexual response was also influenced by undetectable airborne chemicals, called pheromones?


Have you ever just been drawn to someone? Beyond the point of sensibility? What if the reason for your obsession is not Aphrodite, the goddess of love, playing with your heart, but human pheromones?

Scientific research has dedicated several years of research to figure out if, like animals, humans emit a type of ‘secret scent' that causes sparks to fly. The attention is focused mostly on a small organ composed of two pits that sits just a few centimeters inside the nose.






Pheromones, are like muscles, or a nice car... chicks dig it, and it gives you confidence. If you already score loads of women without pheros, you will dynamite with them. (John, PA)

I put on my favorite pheromone this morning and forgot about it - was tired and in a bad mood and very much just wanting to be left alone - went to the sandwich shop and the man at the counter kept joking and flirting ... coworkers stopping by my desk who usually just keep walking, suddenly wanting to chit-chat ... I'm thinking, why won't these people leave me alone? and then it hits me - because you're signaling Come Talk To Me! duh It really does work. (Jenny, GA)

. . . when I wear pheromones girls are mysteriously attracted to me and if I come the next day without them it's like I don't even exist. (George, CA)

I am married and my hubby is very attentive, especially when using Primal Instinct For Women. Also I work with a lot of men of all ages and have noticed their reactions to the pheros. I am not trolling for hits really, just gauging reactions to see how it works. There is a definite difference, I think they work! I guess I am just looking for some kind of verification because hubby is sometimes not the best subject to try this on. But there is a difference with him too, both conversationally and physically. (Anna, IL)

Maybe pheromones are no miracle products, but they CAN be VERY powerful sexual attractants! For me it comes close to magic sometimes. (Frank, FL)

. . . I tried 3-4 drops for a dinner date with my boyfriend. Man, did it ever work! There were two other men in the restaurant (it was small) and they would not stop staring at me. I mean, they litorally wouldn't take their eyes off me. I truely believe that if my boyfriend hadn't been there, the younger one would have approached me. (Heidi, AZ)

All I can say is that as a newbie pheromones have changed my life forever! I wish that was an understatement but it isn't. (Robert, NY)